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STAMP: Komachi Onozuka by mobbostamps STAMP: Komachi Onozuka by mobbostamps
Guide of the Sanzu no Kawa
Komachi Onozuka

Komachi is widely known in Gensokyo as being a slacker shinigami. Her pace of working is slow and when the "flower incident" hit (every 60 years, a great many spirits are 'produced' in the outer world that migrate here), she didn't feel any urgency and kept going at her own pace or outright ran away from work at times. This huge quantity of spirits that hadn't yet been brought to the Yama for judging led to all the flowers of all seasons blooming as they got possessed. Maybe she spends too much time around the dead, as she sure does talk about death and suicide every other sentence when not complaining about her workload. Still, she's a rather carefree individual.
In Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Komachi is on her "free time" as she wonders about the sudden changes in weather until Youmu informs her that someone is killing ghosts in order to manipulate the temperaments. She begins her "work" at the bamboo forest before she goes to investigate the Hakurei Shrine's condition, where Tenshi appears to keep her promise to Reimu of rebuilding the Shrine. She calls out Tenshi's immortality as a sham and states her lifespan is already over before challenging her to a battle. Although Tenshi was defeated in the battle, Komachi is unable to send her to the netherworld as she is simply a ferryman shinigami rather than a reaper.


Touhou Project Team Shanghai Alice
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